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The Kapa Life


American composer, John Milton Cage Jr. (1912-1992) is quoted as saying, “Make art from the life you are living.” If that’s the case, then I have truly become an example of this. The art of kapa is one that becomes life consuming. As you realize that you have to grow trees and plants to make the kapa; when you discover that you need to be a wood and stone carver, worker of gourds, weaver of lauhala, braider of cordage, and not only do those things but find, gather, harvest and sustain them yourself. When you submit yourself to the hours of patient beating, encouraging, spreading and repairing of the wauke fibers into one cohesive whole…and eventually you realize that the art you thought you chose, has now chosen you, as a host from which there is no escape or cure. And once you have discovered that the art you are making is also the life you are living, you just learn to make it all work.

I am grateful every day that I can do what I do and call it a job. That my job is meaningful at a cultural, artistic and personal level. That it’s something I enjoy doing and sharing, and hope to be able to continue doing for a long, long time.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you find something useful or meaningful here. Please feel free to contact me about any questions or comments you may have.






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